6 Gifts for Your Dental Graduate

If you have a dental graduate in your life and want to stand out from the crowd try roaring “Felicitations” or say it with a gift! There might be loads that this new dentist wants to do with their life. They might be content with just a simple ‘well done’ and that’s that. But maybe they are more ambitious then that. Perhaps they want to open up their own dentist business. If this is the case then you should show them something like this marketing for dentists to give them a better idea of what else is out there. If this is something that does not interest them, then you could probably just get them one of the gifts that I’m describing below.

6 Gifts for Your Dental School Grads

Congratulations to all recent dental school graduates!

Here are 6 gifts to celebrate their hard work and dedication to dental health:

Help Pay Your Student’s Debt

The average dental grad has a little over $261,000 in debt at graduation, according to the American Student Dental Association.

Business Card Holder

Help your graduate keep their desk classy and chic with a dentist cardholder –you have the option of a female dentist or male dentist.

Dental Art

If you’re going for simple but still dental, check out these fun art pieces. You could also help improve their website by using dental art for their logo. A dentists website plays a huge part in whether the customer uses them or not because it looks unprofessional then they won’t trust them so your contribution of dental art to their website can be added by website designers may help them get more customers. If you’re interested in helping out more then check out dentist website design by Dental CMO.

Dental Flicks And Chill

Put together some dental-related movies; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ghost Town, Little Shop of Horrors. Throw in a snuggy, water bottle and popcorn. This is perfect for them to enjoy after a hard year of schoolwork.

Wine Glasses

Treat your graduate to a wine glass with a straw. May seem strange, but drinking your wine through a straw can help avoid staining and an acid attack on your teeth. So maybe finding out that you can even send someone wine online isn’t such a bad idea after all! Why not throw in a couple of straws while you’re at it too?

Unique Cutting Board

This clever, personalized laser engraved bamboo cutting board will be a great addition to their kitchen, better yet, new office break room!

Whatever route you choose to go our hats go off to you and your graduate! Cheers, to improving oral health!

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  1. Mandy Ma
    01/20/2017 at 11:19 am #

    Those are some great tips on Grad Gifts. One that we know that has been growing in popularity is the grouping in funds to post-graduation vacation. Emergency Dentistry has a great article on how to put a kickstarter vacation for grads. It’s a good read.

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