Customer Service Week: Meet the Delta Dental ‘Dream Team’


The Delta Dental of Arizona customer service ‘Dream Team’ is full of A-list players who create value every day by providing support to our members, dentists, brokers, and internal teams. They’re true dental benefits experts who can help answer any question and field any curveball, so you’ll always feel like you have someone in your corner when you give us a call.

For Customer Service Week we’re highlighting a few of these outstanding employees and some of the ways they help their team and our organization shine. Now let’s get the ball rolling and check out this year’s roster!

Delta Dental of Arizona employee during customer service week 2020
Savanna Carel AKA “The Tastiest Food Vendor”

Savana is known for helping organize the team potlucks and always brings in the tastiest snacks for her fans.

Get to know Savanna’s stats:

  • Savanna has worked at DDAZ for almost 2 ½ years
  • In her spare time she fosters orphaned kittens who need bottle feeding

  • Her favorite vacation spot is “anywhere with a beach!”
  • And it’s her friends, family and foster kittens that truly make her smile each day

Delta Dental of Arizona employee

Rachel Turner AKA “The Point Guard”

Rachel is known for always being ready to take the ball (or idea) and totally run with it to the basket.

Get to know Rachel’s stats:

  • When she’s not at work, Rachel loves spending quality time with her kids
  • She’s worked at DDAZ for 2 years
  • Making others laugh and smile is what makes her truly smile every day
  • A smothered breakfast platter would be her “go to” meal for the rest of her life
Delta Dental of Arizona employee
Eileen Shustak AKA “The Head Cheerleader”

Eileen is always ready to jump in, participate, and help keep the team morale up, up, hurray!

Get to know Eileen’s stats:

  • Eileen’s favorite karaoke song is “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas
  • She loves playing scrabble with her 82-year-old (and very competitive) mother
  • She’s a service-oriented person who cares deeply for others and gets a sense of accomplishment from helping people
  • If Eileen could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would be lobster with butter
Delta Dental of Arizona employee
Ana Gutierrez AKA “The Bullseye”

Ana always keeps the team on target with any goals or projects they’re working on. She never misses.

Get to know Ana’s stats:

  • Ana has worked at DDAZ for almost 5 years!
  • Her favorite karaoke songs are true classics: “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and “Piano Man” by Billy Joel
  • “My family is my motivation. I want to teach my kids to grow up and believe they can do anything in life. And that they have to work hard to reach their goals.”
  • And if Ana could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would be shrimp cocktail
Delta Dental of Arizona employee
Jeanne Ramirez AKA “The Home Run Hitter”

Jeanne can take any task or assignment and truly hit it out of the ballpark each time.

Get to know Jeanne’s stats:

  • Jeanne is the youngest of 13 siblings!
  • She’s motivated each day knowing that her hard work and perseverance will help her achieve greater professional success
  • The thing that brings the biggest smile to her face is seeing all of her kids together enjoying each other’s company
  • Her favorite karaoke song is “Fried Chicken” by the Zac Brown Band
Delta Dental of Arizona employee during customer service week 2020
Heather Teichman AKA “The Tastiest Food Vendor”

Heather is known for bringing in the best sugar cookies in town, a true team potluck hero.

Get to know Heather’s stats:

  • When Heather isn’t at work, she loves spending time with her family (she has two kids and has been married 21 years) and enjoying the outdoors
  • If she could only have one meal for the rest of her life it would be the entire Thanksgiving spread!
  • She’s motivated each day by helping others. “The idea that I might provide a solution to somebody’s problem is what motivates me the most.”
  • The #1 thing that makes her smile each day is her family

If you’re lucky enough to get one of these rock stars the next time you contact customer service, be sure to congratulate them on a job well done!

Our customer service team is here to make using your dental benefits easy. You can reach them Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am–5:00 pm and Friday, 7:30 am–4:30 pm (AZ time). Call us toll free at 800.352.6132. We look forward to talking to you!


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