Get Digital with Your Dental: Why to Take the Paper-Free Plunge

Delta Dental of Arizona is taking its love for all things green a step further: We're taking steps to reduce waste and lower costs by increasing our paperless offerings. Find out how you can help!

Delta Dental of Arizona is taking its love for all things green a step further: We’re taking steps to reduce waste and lower costs by increasing our paperless offerings. Find out how you can help!

When it comes to going green, the small steps can make a big difference. One small step Delta Dental of Arizona has taken to reduce waste and lower costs is by increasing its paperless offerings. Here’s how you can help this effort become more meaningful:

Going green and decreasing our reliance on paper forms and statements isn’t just a way to improve business efficiency and sustainability; it’s our corporate social responsibility. That said, we know going paperless isn’t an easy change for everyone, especially for those who feel that they might not be able to work as effectively with a computer. When people aren’t accustomed to computers, they can be difficult to use. However, companies worrying about this could always consider using outsourced it services to help them deal with any technical issues they may experience. However, computers can actually increase business productivity. That’s why we’ve come up with a few more reasons to encourage even the biggest loose-leaf lovers to support our efforts:

Because your personal information may be safer.
Identity thieves only need a few pieces of information, such as an account number and an address, to attempt identity theft and fraud. By converting paper documents to digital files using in-house software like FilecenterDMS you can ensure that the physical documents used for registration are destroyed, and then can use a Cloud-based system or some other form of file hosting or protection to give an extra level of security for your clients, or for yourself. Some experts believe that paper bills and statements could make it easier for sensitive information to be compromised. Because electronic statements are less likely to be stolen, lost or encounter delivery delays, going paperless may allow you to discover fraudulent activity faster. In fact, a 2015 identity theft and fraud survey by Javelin Strategy and Research found that an over-reliance on paper statements can result in up to a 30-day delay in detection of fraudulent activity.

Because a digital database is easier to manage than a mess of papers.
Bury the paper before it buries you! Studies have shown that physical clutter-such as those piles of papers waiting to be filed or shredded-overloads your senses, making you feel stressed and impairs your ability to think creatively.

Because all the cool kids are doing it.
Your friends, neighbors and co-workers are steadily receiving more statements, bills, legal notices and other official communications via paperless delivery. In fact, one U.S. study predicts that 8.6 billion consumer bills and statements will be paperless in 2017.

Because the environment will love you for it.
An obvious advantage of going paperless is that it requires less paper. Your documents are stored securely online and you can print only the documents you need. According to The Nature Conservancy, if one in five households switched to electronic bills, statements and payments, the collective impact would save 151 million pounds of paper, avoid filling 8.6 million garbage bags and eliminate 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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