Small Business Dental Plans Put You a Cut Above the Competition

small business dental insurance plans

Employees are looking beyond salary when considering new positions these days.

Employees are looking beyond salary when considering new positions these days. Competition for top talent is high. When it comes to small business, dental insurance plans can be the benefit that broke the prospects back. 75% of employees think dental benefits through their employer are very important. As a small business owner, providing the “it” factor to keep employees productive and engaged is crucial to business success. When considering ways to ensure you’re a cut above the competition, remember that the benefits you offer are a huge deciding factor for today’s workforce. In a small business, dental insurance plans express loyalty commitment to your employees.

Delta Dental Group Insurance Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

42 percent of Americans reported that they are not currently seeing “a dentist as often as they would like.” Additionally, “better health, dental, and vision insurance,” topped the list for “Benefits Most Valued By Job Seekers.” Together, these statistics prove that Americans are concerned for taking care of their smile health. Over 30% of those surveyed said they would give better dental insurance consideration when looking for a new job. 54% said they would give it heavy consideration.

As an employer, offering small business dental insurance plans sets you above your peers who are not.  Current and prospective employees will see the benefits package your business is offering and see you as a facilitator of their health.

With about 90% of Americans receiving dental benefits through their employer, you can bet that prospective job hunters are comparing your dental insurance coverage against your competition’s. This also indicates that the business owner has more of a responsibility to understand what employees need when it comes to group dental insurance plans.

At the most basic level, dental benefits matter to all prospective employees. The National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) found that employees both over 40 and under 40 thought dental benefits were an important factor when it came to where they worked. The NADP also found that people were willing to pay higher monthly premiums for more dental coverage. That means that employees expect more coverage for all their dental needs – not just preventive care appointments.

Share with employees and interviewees alike that people with dental coverage are more likely to schedule biannual appointments at the dentist. Let them know that these biannual visits are important to their oral and overall health. At Delta Dental of Arizona, we develop our small business dental insurance plans with current dental science research in mind so that your employees are always at their healthiest and most productive.

Plans are cost-effective.

Delta Dental of Arizona plans encourage subscribers to visit the dentist regularly. Most forms of dental problems, such as cavities and gum disease, are preventable. With regular check-ups, we can avoid these issues. By spreading awareness, you can help cut down on dental problems in your employees. Remember, for every $1 spent on prevention$4 are saved in treatment!

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