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Why is Dental Insurance Important?

Looking for ways to keep your family healthy? Eating good food, exercising regularly and scheduling annual exams with the doctor are a good way to start. Buying dental insurance and using your dental benefits is another. Twice annual dental visits keep both your teeth and body healthy. Studies tell us that people with dental benefits […]

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How to Find a New Dentist

Have you moved recently? Is your child attending college in another state? Did you land a new job with new benefits? If so, you might be searching for a dentist. And, you’ll probably want a local dentist too. If you’re based out in Melbourne for example, then you’ll obviously want to find a Dentist Melbourne. […]

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The Cost of a Cavity

Cavities can be painful and inconvenient, but data shows that over a person’s lifetime, a single cavity can also have serious economic consequences. When a patient practices good oral hygiene and regularly visits the dentist, cavities — and their associated costs — are almost entirely preventable. Here are a few cavity prevention tips to get […]

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Preventive Oral Health Protects Your Teeth & Your Pocketbook

Although it is common knowledge that dentists recommend a professional cleaning twice a year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that less than two-thirds of adults go to the dentist once a year. The primary reason people delay dental visits? According to a 2012 Consumer Reports survey, the cost of care tops the list. […]

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Use your refund to invest in your oral health!

Rethink Your Refund: Invest in Your Oral Health

April 15 is a dreaded day for some – and a delightful day for others. If you’re expecting to get a few bucks back from your tax return this year, why not invest in your oral health? No matter the size of your refund, there’s something you can nab to make your smile sparkle. Tooth […]

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