Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Kelly Jorn Cook

Dr, Kelly Jorn Cook is the Chandler doc that rocks.

Dr. Kelly Jorn Cook is the Chandler doc that rocks.

Meet Dr. Kelly Jorn Cook, the self-proclaimed “Chandler doc that rocks.” His practice, Kelly Jorn Cook DDS, offers routine dental care, advanced cosmetic and complete restoration dentistry including dental implants, and general dental services for the whole family.

Why did you open a rock and roll themed office?
Kids always get the fun themes—jungle, trains, etc. I’m just a grown-up kid when it comes down to it. Why do kids get to be the only ones with themed offices?

What has the response been like?
The funniest thing is that people might think that rock and roll is too racy. Young kids will like it because it’s guitars and albums and video games. You don’t realize that The Beatles—the ones that are alive—are in their 70s. Led Zeppelin is easily pushing 70. So you might think that the average 60-year-old that comes in here would be like, “Oh my God,” but they were listening to that stuff. The theme seems to cross all age boundaries. I rarely get someone who doesn’t like the concept.

Is there a band/artist that you wouldn’t want people to know you like?
Hall and Oates. I love Hall and Oates. I always did. People laugh at me and I don’t care. I love Hall and Oates.

Do you brush and floss as much as you recommend?
No. I’d say I’m at 70-percenter, but I’d probably recommend a lot (more). I’m not a liar, but let’s just say I carry my own. I’m good. Not great, but good.

What is your favorite flavor floss?
Bacon. I’ve tried the bacon floss and I like it. I think it’s trendy and it’s cool.

Electric or manual toothbrush?
Manual. The Kansas farm boy in me wants to get down and dirty with it. I’m not opposed to electric though. I actually have both.

We recently celebrated National Tooth Fairy Day. What is your favorite Tooth Fairy memory?
It might’ve been my first tooth, but the Tooth Fairy sent me on a treasure hunt. Find one thing. On that note was another little riddle to solve to go to the next thing. At the next thing what I found was a bag of quarters. It was probably $15, but when you’re that age you thought you got a pot of gold…I honestly think I still have the (empty) bag in the storage shed.

Which celebrity has the best smile?
I like Kate Hudson’s smile. She’s just cute and it just looks real. It doesn’t look absolutely perfect. There’s enough to it that looks natural and makes it believable.

If you could tell patients to stop doing one thing, what would it be?
Stop being scared of the dentist. Swing by every once in a while. I see too many problems from people who just don’t come in—as a matter of fact, five this week—because they’re too afraid. It’s so much easier to work on smaller things than large things. It’s so much less traumatic to see people come in at the right time. You catch problems soon enough and it’s easy.

What is the best dental advice you’ve ever received?
Always be fair and honest and try to work with patients’ fears. A guy told me back in Nebraska—he was the dentist in the town down the road—“You should always take into account that what you think the patients fears are probably much, much more than you’re interpreting. There probably is true dental fear. Never underestimate how scared they really are.” That was when I was heading into dental school. So I always do. I always try to talk them down from the ledge and be sympathetic towards them. Some of them really are terrible fears.

What is the best thing about being a Delta Dental dentist?
We get a lot of good patients. I think Delta Dental is really well received in the community of Arizona. It’s huge. Being a Delta Dental dentist, you meet a lot of really good people. A lot of companies are signed up with you guys, so it’s a must to be a Delta Dental dentist.

Any funny stories from the dental chair?
Age is something I always make fun of. A patient that was in yesterday is 85 or so. I said, “I can almost swear that this filling you have in your mouth, I’m almost positive that the dentist who did it came over on the Mayflower.” He came in today and was still laughing.

I also got a call recently from a kid who said he had to change dentists because he’s too old. I said, “I’m no spring chicken anymore.” He goes, “No, I have to find a different dentist because I’m going to the pedadontist and I have to change dentists because he won’t let me be there anymore.” I asked, “Well, what is the age I need to be for you to come in and see me?” He said, “No, not you. Me. I’m too old to go to that dentist anymore.” I said, “Oh, I see. You need to find a different dentist because you’re too old and he’s throwing you out. I can handle that, but I don’t want you making fun of me because of my age. I’m only 51.” He laughed and he’s going to be coming in pretty soon.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you bring?
My iPod, a good stereo and my Tempurpedic bed. That’s really all I need. I’d have to have music or I’d go crazy. I really would.

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