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Ax Dental Anxiety with Music

If the thought of visiting the dentist for your bi-annual checkup makes you break out in hives, you’re not alone. Dental phobia is a common ailment and the degree of your anxiety will vary based on previous experiences and the current health of your teeth. While there are may ways to ease your fear of […]

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Toothpaste Breakdown: Common Ingredients & How They Clean Your Teeth

Toothpaste has been around longer than you might think. Ancient civilizations learned that a mixture of ashes, burnt eggshells and pumice yielded a powder that can be used to clean teeth. Modern toothpaste does not contain any of the original ingredients (thank goodness!), but how many of you actually know what makes up the concoction […]

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day [Infographic]

Ahoy, matey! International Talk Like a Pirate Day be once again upon us! Ye landlubbers wouldn’t know it, but there may have been a reason the scallywags of the seven seas downed so much grog: their oral health habits were atrocious! Avast! Ye better be swabbing yer poop deck, er, teeth twice daily and flossing […]

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How is Nitrous Oxide Used in Dental Procedures?

Nitrous oxide sounds like something a chemist—not a dentist—would use on a daily basis. Surprisingly, it was a dentist who found that this special mix of molecules can be used in medical applications. In 1844, Horace Wells performed a dental extraction on a patient who had been treated with nitrous oxide for the first time. […]

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2013 Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation Grantees [Infographic]

Tooth decay is nearly 100% preventable, yet it is the most common chronic disease in children. Thankfully, organizations across the state are working to combat dental disease in children, youth and pregnant mothers. In February, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation awarded $450,000 in community grant funding to 37 such organizations. The programs funded by […]

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Healthy Aging Month: Poor Oral Hygiene May Increase Stroke Risk

September is Healthy Aging Month, so it’s the perfect time to take charge of your health. While you may know that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body, the depth to which the mouth-body connection dives is deeper than we could have imagined. People might want to consider seeing a professional if they are […]

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