The Cleanliness Incentive: Another Reason to Love Your Dentist

Delta Dental of Arizona | DDAZ The Cleanliness Incentive

We love that good, clean feeling that comes from a dental exam!

When it comes to dental exams, people thoroughly enjoy that squeaky-clean feeling that follows a professional cleaning procedure. Professional cleanings go beyond our standard brushing and flossing routine, which is why you are more likely to experience a more profound sense of cleanliness and satisfaction. This is a huge reason people schedule their appointments in the first place.

Here’s what’s happening to your mouth when you schedule a cleaning:

  • Polishing – Polishing helps remove stains and any remaining tartar from the scaling treatment, giving your teeth that smooth feeling!

A clean mouth is good for the body, as oral health relates to overall health. Dental care can prevent or alleviate health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Your dentist can also detect signs of nutritional deficiencies—even more serious systemic diseases—just from looking at your mouth.

So embrace the clean! Find a Delta Dental of Arizona dentist near you to schedule your next check-up.

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One Response to “The Cleanliness Incentive: Another Reason to Love Your Dentist”

  1. Fabey Dental Studios
    09/09/2016 at 5:43 am #

    We all need a good dental hygiene routine and it is also an important part of our life. When it comes to the appointment first, we need to do some homework or research about the dentist, check their online reviews and if possible get some reference also. Getting our teeth clean is a very scheduled task and it must be done professionally. It should not be painful. Here we can find all those cleaning processes which happen while cleaning.

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