What Is a Dental Hygienist and Why Are They Important?

Visit your dental hygienist twice a year for a routine cleaning.

Visit your dental hygienist twice a year for a routine teeth cleaning.

Batman to Robin: “You owe your life to dental hygiene.” Batman (1966, TV series)

This may have been scripted banter between the two characters, but it is not too far from the truth! And with more and more universities like the University of Nevada Reno offering support to become a dental hygienist, I thought it was time we touched upon this.

Studies have shown that poor oral hygiene is linked to heart disease, diabetes, oral problems during pregnancy, and erectile dysfunction. If this is something you are experiencing, doing some research into finding erectile dysfunction pills could help solve this problem. Before committing to anything though, be sure to do your research, just so you know what you’re getting yourself in to. Your health should be your top priority.

The most apparent manifestation of poor oral hygiene is gingivitis (inflammation of the gum) and periodontitis (inflammation affecting the tissues that support the teeth). Periodontitis can even cause you to lose your adult teeth, you might want to check out this invention by Babiner dental to find out it could help with your dental care.

But is that all?

Nope! A University of Florida study revealed the presence of live periodontal bacteria in human atherosclerotic tissue, which means, there is a strong association between the development of blockages in the arteries and gum disease.

As you can see, dental hygiene isn’t to be taken lightly.

Thankfully, there are specialized professionals dedicated to preventive oral health – your friendly neighborhood Dental Hygienist!

So, what do Dental Hygienists do? They Assess, Prevent and Educate.

Assess what?

    • Overall health: Poor oral health is generally a strong predictor of underlying diseases like diabetes, leukemia, oral cancers, Lou Gehrig’s disease, etc. This means an overall review of a person’s health history before initiating any dental treatment.
    • Dental condition: dental charting, interpretation of dental radiographs (x-rays) and oral cancer screenings fall under their purview.

Prevent how?

    • Clean your teeth by removing plaque and tartar which can cause tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Removing plaque and tartar at least twice a year helps prevent gum disease.
    • Apply sealants and fluorides: this helps protect your teeth and increase the enamel’s resistance to decay from acids caused by bacteria responsible for dental plaque.

Educate about?

    • Oral hygiene techniques: most gum diseases can be prevented by simple everyday hygiene. Brush, floss, rinse.
    • Plaque prevention: bacteria colonizing in your mouth. Put bluntly this is essentially what plaque is – bacteria. You need a good dental habits to keep the bacteria at bay.
    • Nutrition: Scurvy on sea (caused by Vitamin C deficiency) is the perfect example to remind you how important nutrition is to your oral health. Your hygienist can suggest teeth healthy food choices.

Dental Hygienists sure do a lot to keep your oral health up to par, so what don’t they do? Diagnose, Prescribe and Operate.

Dental Hygienists are not licensed to write out prescriptions and perform intensive surgical procedures.

So now that you know how important a dental hygienist is to your oral and overall health, you must agree that its time you paid him or her a visit.

Even Robin said: “Holy molars! Am I ever glad I take good care of my teeth!”

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  1. Visit for the Cosmetic Dentistry
    01/02/2014 at 5:36 am #

    Dental Hygienists play a very important role in one’s life for oral health. I think every person should go for a routine dental checkup in every 4 or 5 months to keep themselves healthy.

  2. Penelope Smith
    11/26/2018 at 9:43 pm #

    I want to have a nice looking smile and a healthy mouth. It is good to know that I need to make sure that I am going to the dentist twice a year. Also, it might be smart for me to go see a cosmetic dentist as well.

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    Great artcile!

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