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Why Do Babies Smile?

The arrival of a new baby brings so many exciting firsts. But long before you experience your baby’s first steps or first words, you will get to enjoy your baby’s first smile. And nothing lights up a room more than an adorable, toothless grin. I’m sure you’ve heard many times, “Oh, that’s not a real […]

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Having a Baby? Why You Don’t Want to Neglect Your Oral Health

If you’re pregnant – or planning to become pregnant – chances are you know some of the basics about being healthy for you and your baby. Eat a balanced diet. Don’t smoke. But did you know that your oral health becomes increasingly important when you’re planning to become pregnant and during pregnancy? Here are some […]

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Hey Mom, Cavities are Contagious

As a mom, you pass a lot onto your children. Your looks. Your love for food. But did you know you can actually pass bacteria from your mouth to your child’s? Much like a cold, the bacteria in your mouth are contagious. It happens when you transfer your saliva into your child’s mouth. Typically, this […]

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