Smile Stories Behind Smash Hit Songs

Our prized pearly whites have been gracing song stanzas long before smiling selfies were cool. But did you know oral health could be the muse behind many popular lyrics? Here are 2 of our favorite smile-inspired stories.

Smile Stories Behind Smash Hit Songs

Hit songs not only make us smile, they’re written about smiles!

The Beatles, “Savoy Truffle”

Written by George Harrison, this song pays homage to his pal, Eric Clapton. Apparently, Clapton had a fondness for chocolate and, according to the Daily Mail, “ate nothing but chocolate for about three years.” Eating too many sweets can cause tooth decay and lead to other dental problems. Clapton’s chocolate addiction had such an impact on his dental health that his dentist told him to stop eating candy entirely.  Harrison said he wrote “Savoy Truffle” to tease Clapton and that the song’s lyrics were inspired by a box of Mackintosh’s Good News chocolates. Here’s a taste:

“Crème tangerine and Montelimar
A ginger sling with a pineapple heart
A coffee dessert, yes, you know it’s good news
But you have to have them all pulled out
After the Savoy truffle”

Although chocolate is one of the best sweets for your teeth, we still recommend enjoying all treats in moderation.

DNCE, “Toothbrush”

Joe Jonas, the lead singer of DNCE, described their song, “Toothbrush” as capturing the moment a relationship moves to the next level.

He explained, “Leaving a sweatshirt is understandable, but a toothbrush is a statement.” Jonas also expressed the morning breath factor: “…If you really think about it, no one wants morning breath. And you’re obviously staying over quite a bit—I mean, no one has more than one toothbrush, right?” Check out some of the song’s lyrics:

“’Cause I just, I just can’t let you go
Give me something I never know
So baby you don’t have to rush
You can leave a toothbrush
At my place”

Do you know a song with a smile-worthy backstory? Share it in the comments below!

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