4 Gifts to Give Your Dentist

Make your dentist smile this holiday season.

Make your dentist smile this holiday season.

Bring a little holiday cheer to your December dental checkup and give your dentist one of these great gifts:

1. A magazine subscription is a unique gift. Usually, a dentist has quite a few magazines stacked in the waiting area, but there will still be a few good ones that you could gift as a yearly subscription.

2. If you have a family dentist that you and your family visit twice a year like you should, you there are probably familiar with the office’s décor. You can find a nice matching, decorative vase or frame for your dentist to add to the waiting room. You’ll also get the added value of seeing it every time you drop in.

3. Flowers are always in fashion and will add to the decor of the dental clinic. Ask your florist to make a good bouquet combining a few seasonal flowers and add a card with your name. Flowers help to brighten up any place and add color to the day. If you are having difficulty in deciding the kind of gift to give your dentist then flowers may be just the thing.

4. A coffee mug that suits the situation. Look for one that resembles a dentist’s instrument or a molar tooth. There are many available in stores that would definitely look good on your dentist’s table. Even if your dentist is not a coffee drinker, she can use it as a pen holder.

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