3 Ways to Smile Through Election Season

Election season can be stressful, but there are ways you can help feel more optimistic.

Don’t let election coverage overwhelm you! Here are three tips to help you keep a smile on your face throughout election season.

Avoiding the political frenzy that comes with presidential election season is nearly impossible. From campaign ads to the overflowing opinions on social media, it’s pretty hard to get a break from it all.

As Americans, it’s our civic duty to be informed. Unfortunately, it has been proven that engaging in politics makes you more likely to be fatigued, anxious or depressed. Despite this, there are ways to bring a smile to your face this election season.

Follow these tips to turn that frown into a huge smile:

1. Unplug

Screens are a staple in 2016. Unplug and get some face-to-face social interaction.

2. Exercise

Exercise increases dopamine; your body’s feel-good chemical. When you’re active, your brain also releases euphoric feelings. These feelings can come in 20 minutes of exercise or less—that’s faster than watching a Seinfeld rerun. Whether it’s for a walk, run or class, get out to transform your negative tude into a happy mood!

3. Smile

People who smile more are happier. Our bodies influence our emotions, reinforcing the feelings we’re having. Surround yourself with happy people, as it’s difficult for people to frown if someone is smiling at them. Overall, smiling reduces stress, so beat the blues with an all-American smile.

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