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Kristi is the director of small market sales and service at Delta Dental of Arizona, and has plenty to smile about. She has worked in the life and health insurance industry for over 14 years and she's excited to sink her teeth into the dental world. Kristi believes in leaving a little sparkle where ever she goes, which is why she feels that a healthy smile is your greatest currency in life. Her husband is a mountain biking daredevil and her very hairy son is referred to as "The Little Ball of Fury," and may be mistaken for a Moxie (maltase-dachshund mix).

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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Dental Insurance For Your Small Business

As a former benefits consultant and small business owner, I understand how difficult it can be for small employers to balance the desire to provide exceptional benefits and perks that attract and retain top talent with the need to protect the bottom line. And navigating the ever-growing list of perks to provide employees is a […]

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