Be a Proactive Planner with this Summer Insurance Checklist

Getting the most out of your dental coverage takes some planning throughout the year.

Be a Proactive Planner with this Summer Insurance Checklist

Get the most out of your dental coverage by using your benefits and planning.

Now that we are almost halfway through the year, what are some things you should do?

Schedule Your Regular Dental Visits
By summer you have likely had one dental visit, but if you haven’t, now would be a good time to see the dentist. Summer is especially a good time to take your children to the dentist, as they won’t miss any school. While you are at your appointment, don’t forget to schedule your remaining dental visits for the year. Use this directory to find a network dentist near you.

Plan Before Open Enrollment
Most people have open enrollment at the end of the year, so now is a good time to figure out what kind of changes you may face in the next year. Talk to your dentist about planning for major dental work like braces, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal. This will give you a chance to figure out what coverage changes you may need, and give you a head start on planning to budget for dental work.

Re-Enroll With Life Changes
Summer is the season for weddings, and if oral health mattered to you when you were dating, then you’ll probably want to add your spouse to your dental plan. This life change offers you a special enrollment period. Other qualifying coverage changes include having or adopting a child, moving to a different ZIP code and losing coverage. Check out this full list of qualifying events.

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