Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Michael Hummitzsch

Dr. Hummitzsch and staff of Avondale Dental

Dr. Hummitzsch and staff of Avondale Dental

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Delta Dental dentist Dr. Michael Hummitzsch of Avondale Dental.

Do you brush and floss as much as you recommend?
I actually do, shockingly.

What is your favorite flavor floss?
I obviously haven’t tried many flavors, just non-flavored and mint. I’d have to go with mint.

Electric or manual toothbrush?
Electric. I like that the head on it is smaller so I can get in the back (of my mouth) and clean the molars a lot better.

June is National Smile Month. What makes you smile?
It depends on where I am. At home, my kids definitely make me smile. My son is 6 and my daughter is 4, so they’re young enough that they’re still amusing.

What makes a great smile?
It doesn’t have to be that the teeth are necessarily perfect. It’s more of the framing. Sometimes imperfections actually fit someone’s personality more.

If you could tell patients to stop doing one thing, what would it be?
Stop drinking so much soda and energy drinks. The people that are drinking these drink them constantly and the acid is eating away at people’s teeth like nobody’s business.

What is the best dental advice you’ve ever received?
Practice-wise, the best advice I was given was to listen to people and treat them like you would yourself or a family member. Personally, the best advice I’ve gotten for taking care of my teeth was to make sure I floss after I eat.

What is the best thing about being a Delta Dental dentist?
We hold the same value system. I think we share a similar vision and mission statement that drives both our offices and practices.

Any funny stories from the dental chair?
In dental school, I had a patient who swallowed their gold crown. They decided they wanted to keep an eye out for it and put it back in. And they brought it in. We sterilized it and cemented it back in.

What is your favorite dental joke?
It’s not a joke, but I saw a cartoon of a dentist and he’s running errands around town. He goes into the grocery store and sees someone he knows so he waves and says, “Hi, it’s good to see you,” but the person just gives him a strange look. He goes somewhere else and the same thing happens. Then he gets back into his office, puts on his mask and glasses and says, “I don’t understand why people don’t recognize me.” I always found that cartoon amusing because it’s happened to me and I’ve found that to be true.

Why do dentists always talk to patients when their hands are in the patient’s mouth?
I think it becomes more of feeling like you have to say something. I know sometimes the quiet can be a little disconcerting, so I’ll say something to fill that void. I’ve caught myself doing that several times.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you bring?
Sunblock. I burn very easily so I have to have that. Flip-flops—I don’t want to burn my feet—and a good book to read.

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