Relaxing Music for Anxiety Control at the Dentist

relaxing music for anxiety control

Have you tried relaxing music for anxiety control at the dentist?

When it’s time to go to the dentist, do you cringe with worry? Does sitting in your dentist’s chair make you feel anxious? Does the sound of the tools put you on edge? Have you tried relaxing music for anxiety control? There are some who use THC and CBD products, such as vape pens, dabber pens along with a dab pen battery to help with their anxiety, however, others find that music helps just as well. Finding ways of managing your anxiety could be as simple as checking out marijuana edible recipes, as edibles are said to be on the easiest ways to consume cannabis. Dealing with anxiety can be hard for anyone, so doing your research into potential ways of managing these symptoms would be in your best interest.

If sitting in the dentist’s chair makes you squirm, we have solutions! Having a distraction and some effective practices can work wonders for lowering blood pressure. And lower blood pressure means you no longer have the urge to flee the dental office.

A variety of different sounds can have a calming effect on your anxiety. We strongly recommend listening to some when you’re in for a cleaning or a filling. We’d love to hear what you use for relaxing music for anxiety control, too! Some people have been telling us how music is like a godsend for them when controlling their anxiety, but they have a pet hate for poor quality audio. Fortunately, Graham Slee HiFi solves this issue.

Relaxing Music for Anxiety Control – Music as a Distraction

The American Dental Association recommends that patients listen to music in the dentist office as a form of distraction. This will be most effective if you make this recommendation your own. Try a combination of different sounds and music to see what works best for you.

Relaxing music and a calming atmosphere reduces blood pressure and pulse rate. It’s important to remember that your dentist is concerned for your overall well-being. Make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable with your dentist before starting any dental work.

Build a Relationship with Your Dentist

If your dentist doesn’t ask how you are when you arrive, prompt them to by sharing about your dental anxiety. Do you have a history of anxiety while visiting the dentist? Or, is this a new fear that occurred after a traumatic experience? Your dentist will be able to give you better care when they know:

  1. How you’re feeling
  2. What’s bothering you about the appointment

It’s likely your dentist wants to be accommodating!

Ask if you can play your relaxing music for anxiety control over the speakers of your phone. This way, you’re still able to converse with the dentist through your appointment.

If you’re more interested in “blocking out” the experience, earbuds and noise-canceling headphones are excellent. They allow the music (or silence) to shut out external noises.

White Noise for Stress Relief

If music isn’t calming you, white noise is another option that reduces stress. During a study when white noise was played, 80% of infants fall asleep within five minutes. White noise gives you something to concentrate on while also being present in the moment with the dentist. A fan, heater, and playlists online are great options for white noise.

Music is a powerful way to influence your emotions. You don’t want to get pumped before your dentist appointment, you want to relax. So, avoid music that you listen to before working out or going out on the town.

Relaxing music for anxiety control tends to be without lyrics. This will help keep you calm and avoid bringing up any negative thoughts via the lyrics. When at the dentist, be aware of your surroundings if you’re playing music outside headphones. Your music should be soft and peaceful; don’t disturb anyone else in the office who may have anxiety!

Call your dentist’s office before your appointment and ask how they accommodate patients who want to listen to music. If you’re comfortable, you can also ask them if they specially accommodate patients with anxiety. They should be quick to offer help and encouragement. If you’re not relaxed with your current dentist, we encourage you to use this tool to find a new dentist that feels like a friend.

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