What To Tell Your Kids When The Tooth Fairy Forgets To Visit

The Tooth Fairy visits nearly nine in 10 homes of children who have lost a tooth, but she is not always diligent. Over half (56%) of parents say she has forgotten to visit their home in the past. Perhaps this is because she typically has just one assistant – 70% of parents say moms are the family member that serve as the Tooth Fairy… helper.

Here at Delta Dental of Arizona, we have a wonderful relationship with the Tooth Fairy, so we sat down with her and asked her to explain a few reasons why she may miss a tooth pick-up. If the Tooth Fairy misses your house, parents, share this intel with your children.

Here is what we learned:

  • Monsoon season – The Tooth Fairy’s wings need to stay dry so heavy rain and strong winds pose a threat, forcing her to return home for the night.
  • Technical difficulties – Every now and then she finds herself running low on ‘fairy dust.’ Without ‘fairy dust’ she cannot fly, causing her to miss a few houses as she rushes back home to stock up.
  • Out sick – Believe it or not, the Tooth Fairy has sick days too. If she’s not feeling good, she’ll stay home to avoid spreading germs.
  • Overtime – The Tooth Fairy works alone – no elves or reindeer to help – so when too many kids lose their teeth in a single day, she is forced to spread the work out over a few nights.
  • Mom or Dad were up too late – Sometimes parents stay up late watching TV and she can’t tell if the kids are also awake. Better safe than sorry.
  • Restless sleepers – Sometimes children are crazy sleepers and their gift from the Tooth Fairy gets pushed off the bed. (Parents are the best at finding misplaced money/gifts under the bed!) When she is faced with crazy sleepers, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t feel safe reaching under the pillow to find the tooth, so she often returns for it the next night.

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