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How to Combat the Scariest Halloween Sweets

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the scariest times of year for teeth. Thanks to trick-or-treating and spooky parties, many children (and adults) indulge in candy more often than usual in October. Sticky sweets are some of the worst cavity-causing culprits because saliva and ordinary drinking don’t easily wash away their residue. Hard candies and other […]

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Serve up something that’s spooky & healthy this Halloween!

Mouth Healthy Recipe: Squashed Guts

With so many sweets haunting tabletops and trick-or-treat bags at Halloween, it’s nice to serve up something that’s spooky and healthy. These squashed guts will not only be a hit with your little monsters, it’s a better choice for their fangs as well. Ingredients 1 spaghetti squash 1 can of tomato sauce Directions Halve a […]

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Fight the plaque monster to keep your smile healthy!

Fighting the Plaque Monster

It attacks your teeth. It can be hard to get rid of. It’s invisible. It may sound like the star of the latest monster movie, but plaque is actually a completely normal problem that affects everyone. Plaque is a naturally occurring film of sticky bacteria that covers the surface of your teeth. When sugars or […]

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If your spouse's snoring keeps you up at night, sleap anea might by the culprit.

Things That Go Bump in the Night: How the Dentist Can Help Snorers

Not all nighttime noises are made by bogeymen or monsters under the bed. Sometimes the source of the noise keeping you awake is within arm’s reach–and your dentist could help you put a stop to it. If you or your spouse snores–30 to 45 percent of the population does–it’s possible that a good night’s sleep […]

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