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Why Do Dental Offices Smell So Clean?

Fresh cut grass and springtime. Burning wood and summer camp. Mothballs and your great-grandmother. Certain scents seem to evoke strong emotional memories — a phenomenon psychologists have long referred to as the “Proust effect” after the writer Marcel Proust, who first described the connection between scent and recollection. When you think of your last visit […]

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Health Care Heroes: Valley Dental Professionals Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

The Health Care Heroes Awards are given to nominated individuals in the health care community who have demonstrated exemplary performance in all areas of health and wellness. As a premier sponsor of the awards, Delta Dental of Arizona is proud to have the opportunity to present the award for the dental category at the August […]

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National Tooth Fairy Day: What’s the Going Rate for a Lost Tooth?

What do you do when your child starts showing off his wiggling tooth? Don’t even think about ignoring it! Your little one already knows about the money, the gifts and the Tooth Fairy, thanks to his friends and the popular film Rise of the Guardians. As a child, you may have received 25 cents for […]

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Dental Plaque Bacteria May Lead to Blood Clot Formation

Researchers have found another reason to keep us brushing and flossing our teeth: the same bacteria that causes dental plaque can enter the bloodstream and trigger blood clots that increase risk of heart disease. Scientists at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland found that bleeding gums provided streptococcus bacteria an escape route into the […]

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5 Reasons Not to Skip Breakfast

Mom didn’t say that breakfast was the most important meal of the day for nothing. Eating a well-balanced and healthy breakfast is important for so many reasons: Eating breakfast may help you make better food decisions later in the day. It is easier to stay on track for a well-balanced and healthy diet if you start off your […]

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Bacteria on Blast: What’s Really Lurking in your Mouth?

Don’t look now, but you have a mouthful of bacteria — 600 species of bacteria to be exact! Yes, it sounds awful, especially for those sensitive to the idea of germs, but don’t panic. Most of the bacteria are harmless and some are even helpful. One of the more destructive bacterial species — streptococcus mutans in particular […]

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National Fresh Breath Day: Battle of the Breath Fresheners

You know that moment when you’re talking to someone and, while you can hear him/her speaking, all you can focus on is the unpleasant stench wafting through the air? Bad breath – aka halitosis – is a common oral hygiene condition in which one’s mouth emits an unpleasant odor. An estimated 80 million people suffer […]

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DDAZ Foundation Scores a Home Run at Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event

On July 28, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation welcomed 145 volunteers and their families to its annual Volunteer Appreciation Day at Chase Field. The day got off to an early start with the gates opening at 11 a.m. After our volunteers filtered in and happy hellos echoed in the air, we hurried to the […]

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