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Shakara Robinson is the Social Media Coordinator for Delta Dental Social Media Collaborative. [Editor's Note: Shakara is no longer a current DD employee.]

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We break down 3 easy changes you can make to your tooth brushing routine to make sure you know how to brush your teeth properly.

3 Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes & How To Brush Properly

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is a key step in preventing cavities. But there are several common mistakes you can make when brushing your teeth that can leave plaque behind, cause receding gum lines and damage tooth enamel. Find out what you’re doing wrong—and how to break these bad brushing habits. […]

LifeSmile Score Identifies Your Risk for Oral & Dental Diseases

Even while practicing the recommended brushing and flossing routine and visiting the dentist the recommended twice per year, some people still suffer from dental health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one in four adults in the Unites States has untreated tooth decay, or cavities. 46 percent of […]

Make Flossing Fun for Kids

Flossing is an essential part of any oral care routine, even for kids. While they may seem insignificant, baby teeth are vital to the development of your child’s mouth. Flossing should start when your child has two teeth that touch to remove plaque and food debris. Once they’re old enough to start doing it themselves, […]

dental office smell

Dental Office Smells a Turn Off? Aromatherapy Can Help

One thing most people immediately notice when walking into a room is the smell. Certain smells can trigger unpleasant memories in places like the dental office, which could affect how often people go. One way to change the atmosphere is through aromatherapy. Essential oils can turn a distressing dental office smell into a more calm […]

easy Thanksgiving side dishes

Move Aside, Turkey: 3 Sides that Steal the Show

Usually, the ham or turkey is the centerpiece of the holiday dinner table. Why not change things up this year with these easy Thanksgiving side dishes! They’ll leave guests asking for more! Not only are they delicious, they’re perfect for your oral and overall health, too. Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are a great source […]

best sugar-free cough drops

The Connection Between Cough Drops & Cavities

When you’re sick with a sore or scratchy throat, it’s natural to reach for a cough drop for relief. They provide temporary comfort on the go with soothing ingredients like honey and menthol. But, are the risks that cough drops pose to our smile more trouble than they’re worth? Here’s some of our advice for […]

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better?

Electric toothbrushes—you’ve seen commercials for them and walked past them in the aisle. You wonder, “Are they really worth the money?” When some models cost as much as $180, it’s best to do your research into sites like Product Playoffs before upgrading. Let’s find out more about manual vs. electric toothbrush traits: Advantages of Manual […]

St. Patrick's Day may have its affects on your oral health.

Green Beer Can Mean Tooth Troubles

Green is a great color, one of our favorites, but it doesn’t look so good on your teeth! As you get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, learn how green beer and tooth decay go together, plus ways to celebrate without sacrificing your smile. Green Beer and Tooth Decay One significant problem with green beer […]

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