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Make sure your employee understands what out-of-network means and how visiting in-network dentists saves money.

Are you responsible for managing your company’s benefits? Maybe you’re an HR professional or a multi-tasking small business owner. Either way, employees are relying on you to guide them through their employer-sponsored dental benefits. In a 2019 Delta Dental of Arizona survey, nearly 1 in 3 adults with dental insurance said they did not go to the dentist in the past 12 months due to cost. Educating employees on how preventive care saves money (and is often 100% covered) can help encourage them to use their benefits!

Another obstacle preventing employees from using their dental benefits may be that they are unsure if their favorite dentist is in-network with Delta Dental. In this case, encourage employees to use the provider search tool on the Delta Dental of Arizona website or the Delta Dental mobile app to make sure their dentist is in network.

Why Visit an In-Network Dentist

For your employees to get the most out of their dental benefits, they’ll want to visit a Delta Dental of Arizona network dentist. Dentists in our network agree to our predetermined fees for services, which are usually discounted from typical charges. That’s one reason why in-network dentist appointments can cost less!

When you or your employees receive dental care from an in-network dentist, you don’t have to worry about waiting for reimbursements. We pay your in-network dentist directly and send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that explains how we paid your claim.

Additionally, we have high standards for your health and safety. All of our in-network dentists meet specific professionally-required credentialing standards. We only work with providers who regularly ensure they are maintaining these standards.

What Happens if an Employee Visits an Out-of-Network Dentist?

Explain to your employees how your company’s dental plan works. Make sure your employee understands what out-of-network means and how visiting in-network dentists saves money. For example, with Delta Dental of Arizona, covered members may see any licensed dentist. However, they’ll save the most money if they see a Delta Dental PPO® dentist. That’s because PPO dentists agree to accept lower reimbursements for services.

Does your plan have different co-insurance levels for PPO, Premier and out-of-network dentists? If yes, you’ll want to help employees understand how their coverage may vary.

How to Help Employees with an Out-of-Network Dentist

Although nearly 90% of Arizona’s licensed, practicing dentists are in the Delta Dental network1, there is a slight chance that you may have an employee who has a preferred dentist that is out-of-network. We know an individual’s relationship with their dentist is beneficial to maintaining their oral health. And we’re not in the business of breaking up a person and their favorite dentist! That’s why we make it easy to recommend dentists to be part of the Delta Dental network.

Just have the dentist call Delta Dental of Arizona and ask for “Professional Relations.” Our team will go over the credentialing guidelines with the dentist and answer any questions the dentist has about becoming an in-network dentist. It’s easy, and there is no cost for a dentist to join.

1Delta Dental of Arizona internal data: Arizona network data is calculated as the number of unique dentists contracted with Delta Dental of Arizona as of March 2019.


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