Leftover Candy Conundrum: What to Do with Extra Holiday Candy

leftover holiday candy recipes

Once the costumes are tucked away and the trick-or-treaters are in bed, there always seems to be something scary left behind…piles of candy.

Don’t turn your leftover candy into holiday candy hoarding! There’s plenty you can do with the leftover holiday candy that doesn’t involve chocolate-covered stomach aches. Here’s our advice for how to use every last piece:

1. Bake These Leftover Holiday Candy Recipes

Halloween treats and teeth aren’t exactly BFFs. However, it’s ok to indulge -just make sure to always brush after! Grab your apron and your kiddos’ leftover chocolate — it’s time to whip up a decadent dessert!

Why chocolate? Not only is chocolate delicious, it’s one of the least harmful sweets for your teeth. It can be eaten easily and dissolves quickly in the mouth, which decreases the amount of time that the sugar stays in contact with teeth.

Whip up your favorite brownie recipe or bake some cupcakes with the kiddos. Chocolate can be melted down and made into so many delicious recipes!

This swirl of melted chocolate has major recipe potential.

2. Create with Leftover Holiday Candy

After you celebrate Halloween, it’s time to go from monsters to masterpieces! Make a candy mosaic or edible jewelry. Any candy with a colored coating makes the perfect medium. Dip pieces into small bowls of water and then swirl on paper. Trust us — the memories are worth the mess!

Mamamiss.com has an excellent how-to for building, “Little Picasso: Starburst Candy Mosaic."

3. Donate Leftover Halloween Candy

Get a head start on holiday donations! Your household candy can bring a smile to someone nearby or halfway across the world.

Many charities encourage donations of any kind, including candy! Donate candy to a local shelter or soup kitchen. Find a charity near you.

Sweeten a soldier’s day. Encourage your kids to write letters and send candy care packages to troops. Visit Operation Gratitude or Operation Shoebox for more information. You can also drop off your excess holiday candy to Treats for Troops, another great program!

4. Educate with Leftover Holiday Candy

Trick or teach? Both! Use treats to teach and kids won’t even notice they’re learning!

Younger kids can practice patterns, counting, and colors. Encourage little ones to sort candy by color or shape — the possibilities are endless! More experienced trick-or-treaters can brush up on their math skills. Get started with this candy math worksheet.

A young boy in pajamas brushes his teeth with an electric toothbrush before bed.


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