3 Reasons Why Dental Insurance Is Important to Arizonans

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Are you considering whether to get dental insurance for next year?

Trends show that for Arizonans, dental coverage is as important as ever. 85% of adults consider it to be vital to protecting oral and overall health. Plus, most Arizonans agree that the pros of having dental insurance are greater the cons.

Here are 3 reasons why having dental insurance is important:

Better Health and Emotional Well-being

The benefits of dental coverage are very clear. About 7 in 10 adults in Arizona (69%) have dental insurance and 83% of parents report their child is covered. While most (91%) believe that having coverage affords them good oral health, many refer to a variety of other benefits ranging from peace of mind (88%), to helping with regular dentist visits (87%), to allowing them to have good overall health (88%).

Improved Oral Care

The results are clear—dental insurance is critical in helping Arizonans seek oral care from their dentist. Adults and children with dental coverage are more likely to have visited the dentist in 2022 to seek preventive care than those without coverage.

  • 85% of adults in Arizona with coverage visited the dentist in 2022.
  • 93% of children in Arizona with coverage visited the dentist in 2022.

6 out of 10 of adults in Arizona (62%) who had regular dental office visits said they did so to lower their chances of unexpected care in the future and to avoid costly and complex procedures.

Greater Financial Savings

Nearly 2 in 5 Arizonans (38%) of those without dental coverage claim it is because they cannot afford the monthly payment. More than one-third (39%) say it is because they cannot afford out-of-pocket costs.

However, 85% of Arizonans agree that having dental insurance saves them money in the long run. They also accept that the benefit is worth the cost (84%) and even provides them with a discount for using an in-network dentist (79%). While cost is an issue to some, the pros of having dental insurance are greater than the cons. In fact, 34% of adults in Arizona without dental benefits said they were likely to enroll in a plan within the next 12 months.

Get Started

Having dental insurance and getting regular checkups are important for keeping good oral and overall health and even saving you money. Consider signing up for your employer’s dental plan or check out the affordable options we offer for individuals and families.

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