5 Tips for Socializing Your Dental Practice

Connecting with patients on social media can be overwhelming! These 5 social media tips will help your dental practice succeed on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Connecting with patients on social media can be overwhelming! These 5 social media tips will help your dental practice succeed on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

The days of social media are upon us. No longer is a website enough; businesses are now expected to have a Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest boards, and the list goes on. Social media marketing has grown to be a highly effective method of advertising your business to reach a range of clients. Social media can also work as another method of providing customers with excellent customer service. Through using social media, clients can message you online. Your business may find that Instagram is one of the most used social media applications, meaning that you might reach a more global audience on this application. Many companies using Instagram to connect with customers have already downloaded desktop applications, like ig dm, to make it easier for them to socialize with their customers. With all these messages to respond to as well, you may find your dental business is too busy to be updating all of your social media platforms in a day. One solution to this problem is to look into a pr company. When choosing an agency, you could consider looking at their different PR case studies to assess whether they could help draw more attention to your business, increasing your potential clients.

However, if you plan on dealing with your own social media, continue reading these 5 tips to help your practice become social:

  1. Facebook is a must. Since Facebook was the pioneer of the modern social media for business, it is highly recommended that you manage a Facebook page dedicated to your practice. When creating your Facebook page, make sure all your contact information and practice mission are included in the “About” section of your page.
  2. Post fun, lighthearted content. Social media is a great avenue to disclose details of your practice like changes in schedule, but it is also a great place to showcase your practice’s vibe and personality. Sharing pictures of your staff picnic, funny dental jokes, and interesting oral health information will help you engage socially with current and potential patients.
  3. Inform your patients of your social media outlets. Social media will only benefit your practice if you have an audience. Print fliers or small business cards with your social media URLs and staple them to your patient’s receipts.
  4. Beware of over socializing. Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are just a couple of the big names in social media these days. If your social strategy is to join them all, keep in mind that social media is a beast that must be constantly fed. Depending on your resources, it might be best to choose 1 or 2 platforms to start with and evaluate your time commitment after a couple of months. If you come to the conclusion that Instagram is the best choice for your business, then you may want to gain instagram followers to give your business profile a much-needed head start in order to create awareness as soon as possible.
  5. Find 5-6 reliable content sources. Since you should be posting to your social media sites at least once a day, it is important to have blogs or websites you can visit to easily pull content from. To get started, visit Delta Dental of Arizona’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. We also have some great info scattered throughout this blog.

Now that we’ve given our 5 tips, we want your suggestions. Does your dental practice do something different and unique in social? Let us know in the comments below.

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