Brush Perfectly Every Time – 5 Tips

We’ve broken down the five best ways to brush your teeth. Learn more about how easy it is to brush like a dentist today.

Have you ever wondered if you’re brushing your teeth the right way? Even if you brush and floss twice a day, your technique could be off. Brushing incorrectly can leave behind debris and increase your chance of cavities.

We’re going back to the basics by breaking down how to correctly brush your teeth in five steps because we believe everyone deserves a healthy smile!

To brush your teeth correctly, you must start with the right toothbrush. Soft bristles will serve your smile the best. Studies have shown that powered toothbrushes are slightly better at reducing plaque and gum disease! So, if the idea of an electric toothbrush gets you excited to brush your teeth, more power to you (and your toothbrush)!

Tip #1

Use a soft-bristled brush that fits in your mouth comfortably. You should be able to easily reach all areas of your mouth.

Tip #2

Angles are everything. Be sure your toothbrush is positioned at a 45-degree angle.

Gently move the brush back and forth in short strokes, like this:

Tip #3:

Be sure to brush each surface of every tooth – inside, outside and top. Spend extra time on the gum line.

Tip #4:

Use the end of your toothbrush to clean the inside surfaces of your front teeth. Don’t neglect the back sides of your teeth!

Tip #5:

Brush your tongue to remove bacteria. This helps to keep bad breath at bay and taste buds healthy. Some opt for tongue scrapers, but you can use your toothbrush, as well!

Hold the brush vertically to get behind the front teeth

Finish up with flossing and thoroughly rinse with water. After a few weeks using the proper techniques, you may just become your dentist’s new favorite patient!

It’s important to care for our smiles because our oral health is linked with our overall health! Learn more about how the mouth is linked to the body:


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