Celebrate Healthy Smiles Month at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

children smiling for the camera and celebrating National Children's Dental Health Month with Delta Dental of Arizona at the Children's Museum of PhoenixThe daily struggle to get children to brush their teeth and floss is something most parents can relate to. For more than 14 years, we’ve teamed up with the Children’s Museum of Phoenix to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month each February to make oral health a bit more fun. Through this partnership, the museum hosts daily interactive activities, shows and educational information all related to the mouth, teeth and oral health.

Celebrating Children’s Dental Health Month at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Activities include art projects to teach proper brushing techniques and flossing tactics, crafts to create tooth fairy pillows and tooth-saver necklaces, and educational opportunities to learn about tooth-saving traditions from other cultures and about the teeth of various animals.

Back by popular demand each year are “Smile Bags” containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and fun facts about dental health, which are made available every day to all visitors of the museum during February.

The Great Flossini performs a magic show in front of kids at the Children's Museum of Phoenix for National Children's Dental Health Month

The Great Flossini also makes appearances throughout the month, presenting the Totally Tooth-Ular Magic Show. Audience members become a part of the show, with highly interactive magic routines designed specifically to reinforce the importance of brushing, flossing, eating healthy foods and visiting the dentist regularly.

In addition, we bring in pediatric dentists who partake in Q&A sessions with children and their parents called From First Tooth to Loose Tooth. This casual programming provides an opportunity for parents to chat with pediatric dentists from across the Valley about anything from thumb-sucking to the best time to take your baby to the dentist.  

For a full schedule of activities at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix throughout the month of February, please visit www.childrensmuseumofphoenix.org/events.

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