Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Julia E. Carlson

Dentist Dr. Julia E. Carlson poses in a dental office with a large, green Delta Dental toothbrush.

Say hello to Dr. Julia E. Carlson in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, our dentist spotlight! Dr. Carlson specializes in general dentistry and provides advice on proper brushing, flossing, cleaning, healthy gums and other dental care to people of all ages.

Dr. Carlson earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University in California. Outside of work she enjoys traveling.

What made you decide to become a dentist?

I was a dental assistant for about 6 years and really enjoyed dentistry so I became a dentist!

Do you brush and floss yourself as much as you recommend your patients?


What’s your favorite flavor of toothpaste?


Electric or manual toothbrush (for yourself and recommended for patients)?

Manual-POH #4 Tufted soft toothbrush is a great transitional brush for patients accustomed to using a firm brush. This particular brush provides enamel protection.

Which celebrity has the best smile and why?

Julia Roberts.

If you could tell patients to stop doing one thing, what would it be?

Give your mouth break for a couple of hours, limit the number of good/bad sugar exposures. Try to just drink water for a couple of hours as often as possible.

What is the best dental advice you’ve ever received?

All of the wonderful benefits of administering fluoride to children between the ages of 1-9.

What is the best thing about being a Delta Dental dentist?

I’ve been a dentist for 30 years and Delta Dental really is the best! Delta Dental sets a good example for other carriers through the service provided to the members and the providers.

Any funny stories from the dental chair?

One of my older patients came in and his teeth were in terrible shape and he said it was because he only brushed his teeth on Saturdays. I asked about Sunday and he said “that’s my golf day.” About 3 weeks passed by since the last time I had seen him in the office. When he did return his mouth was in horrible shape. I asked where he had been, he responded he had been playing golf for the last 3 weeks.

How would you describe oral health’s impact on their overall health and well-being? 

Prevention is key to managing your overall health.  When people are in pain due to decay, they cannot eat.

What is your favorite dental joke?

Patients in the waiting room hear a lot of drilling and chopping in the back office and are starting to get nervous. Then a construction work walks out and says, “Your shelves are all built, Doctor!”

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you bring?

I’ll go with practical: toothbrush, box of matches and a knife.

What is the most important thing you want parents to know about caring for their child’s teeth?

That fluoride is a benefit and is very important. It’s good. It’s very beneficial.

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