Dreams About Teeth Falling Out? A Common Dream Decoded

What does it mean if you dream about your teeth falling out

Everyone eats. Everyone drinks. Everyone sleeps. And everyone dreams.

And statistics tell us that many people dream about their teeth falling out.

You’ve probably had dreams about showing up to work naked or free-falling a massive drop, but many folks have experienced another sleep scenario, too: a dream about their teeth falling out. According to a 2012 study, as many as 39% of people have had dreams about losing teeth.

One dream interpretation website, DreamMoods.com, says it has to do with things like anxiety about appearance, fear of rejection, powerlessness, or even inferiority.

If you have dreams of teeth falling out, you may be…

Experiencing a Transition

Teeth first appear when you’re a baby, fall out as you get older, and then grow back again during adolescence. So, it makes sense that when we dream of our teeth, those dreams serve as a parallel to transitional phases in our lives. Your dream may be a sign you’re changing as a person—either physically, emotionally, or both.

Lacking Self-Esteem

Many people with poor dental health often feel insecure about their appearance, their ability to chew and eat, or even their ability to speak. Missing teeth dreams could also represent this anxiety. Does your self-esteem need a boost? Appreciate yourself for who you are! Take a deep breath, smile, and try these tips.

Afraid of Looking Like a Fool

Some interpretations say dreams about losing teeth are related to feeling unprepared or worried about scenarios that would embarrass you.

Do these dreams mean your teeth are really going to fall out?

Do you need to book it to the dentist before your pearly whites rot away? Not necessarily, though an oral health conversation with a professional never hurts. The stress of whatever you’re going through could make it harder to reach out to a dentist and if it does check out this article but these kinds of dreams affects everyone differently.

Some researchers set out to find the psychological reason behind this common dream. What they discovered was, although stress can be a cause for grinding teeth at night, there wasn’t a connection between stress and dreaming of your teeth falling out.

However, researchers did see a relationship between “dental irritation” during sleep and teeth dreams. This means that people who awoke with “tension in the teeth, gums, or jaw” were more likely to have dreams about their teeth.

The study concluded that more research is needed. But, we’re curious if these nightmares are manifestations of physical conditions, like teeth grinding, that happen simultaneously.

When it comes to our dreams, keep in mind that meaning is defined by you and your experiences. Depending on your life, the same symbol can have a different meaning to you than it does for someone else. Try to think of any parallels your dreams have with your real life and you just might find an explanation.

Where does your mind go after you doze into dreamland? Share your story below!

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