Evaluating Dental Coverage: Discount Plans and Dental Insurance

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Dental care costs can be hard to understand. If you are evaluating your dental coverage, you may wonder what the difference is between discount plans and dental insurance. Both options will help you save on dental care, so the best choice for you will be based on your situation. Here are a few things you should know about discount plans and dental insurance:

Discount Plans

Discount plans, or memberships, have become more common. But it is important to note that discount plans are not insurance. With a discount plan, you will get a discount when you visit a dentist that accepts your plan. Then you will pay the balance due for the service. A discount plan may be right for you if you are looking for short-term coverage and won’t need much dental care.

With Delta Dental Patient Direct, you can receive a minimum 20% discount on treatment and services performed in-office with a Patient Direct network provider. You won’t have to worry about waiting periods. You will even have access to a discount vision plan administered by EyeMed Vision Care! Delta Dental of Arizona’s Patient Direct members pay once a year and will only get a discount on dental care when visiting a Patient Direct dentist in Arizona.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance helps you pay for dental care. When you purchase dental insurance through your employer or directly from an insurance provider you will pay a monthly fee to access dental benefits. Dental insurance may be right for you if are looking for a larger dentist network, 80-100% coverage on preventive care and lower out-of-pocket costs for basic services (like fillings) or major services (like crowns and dentures).

As a member of Delta Dental of Arizona, you:

  • Have access to the largest dental network in Arizona and the nation.
  • Have coverage at both general dentist offices and specialty clinics.
  • Don’t have to worry about paying your dentist! Payments are made directly to an in-network dentist by Delta Dental of Arizona for covered services.
  • Have access to Delta Dental Virtual Visits delivered by TeleDentistry.com.

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