Health, Wellness and Smiles: There’s an App for That

You can do just about anything with an app, including stay healthy. These top apps for health will keep you on track.

Our top 3 apps for health and wellness: 

apps for health

Download one of these apps to help you keep your health on track.

  1. Simply Yoga
    This app guides you through timed yoga workouts, giving tips on how to do the various poses. Practicing yoga builds strength and flexibility and is also good for your smile. Yoga can reduce jaw pain by improving posture, stimulating saliva and easing inflammation in your body, including your gums.
  1. Map My Run
    Track your runs or walks with this app, and easily find routes that fit your distance desires. Aerobic exercise is great for maintaining healthy blood pressure, refining muscle tone and improving your mood. It also reduces inflammation, important for reducing your risk of gum disease.
  1. Headspace: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
    Learn meditation techniques to lower your stress levels, which can ease anxiety. A positive mood can affect a lot in your life, including memory, learning and problem-solving.

Keeping track of your health and wellness with an app should make you smile more. If you need a little extra help, download our app for brushing timers and quick access to information on your dental benefits.

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