How Your Practice Can Avoid Non-Intentional Dental Fraud

Accidental fraud happens. Learn what you can do to avoid an accident:

Don’t let an oversight damage your practice.

Don’t let an oversight damage your practice.

Continue educating yourself. 

Initial training is important, but repeating protocol can make the message stick. Make sure your staff knows appropriate patterns of practice. For example, a well-meaning hygienist may take radiographs during every checkup simply because he/she isn’t aware that it’s not necessary. Make compliance a priority in your practice. Read the Department of Health and Human Services’ recommended compliance programs for small healthcare practices.

Review your daily activities report. 

Make it known to your employees you check the report at the end of each business day. You’re not only double-checking for errors, you’re keeping your staff accountable.

Consult benefits manuals.

As a dentist, you already know every benefits carrier differs in billing procedures. For example, Delta Dental dentists are required to submit a claim on every service performed on a Delta Dental–covered patient (even if the procedure isn’t covered). Go the extra mile—consult your patients’ benefit manual before you complete a claim.

Control coding errors.

Upcoding occurs when a patient is charged for a more expensive procedure than the one performed. Undercoding happens when a patient is charged for a less expensive procedure. Both mistakes have one thing in common: incorrect coding. Even if you’re not at fault, dentists—and sometimes hygienists—can be held legally liable for fraudulent coding activity. Don’t solely depend on computer-assisted coding (CAC). Many of the codes that offices are required to use can be interpreted in different ways. Double-check codes to prevent errors.

Whether you’re a dentist or dental professional, anyone can report fraud by calling 855.981.7370.


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