You Can Rent Dental Equipment from Phoenix ToolBank

Nonprofits can rent dental equipment from Phoenix ToolBank
Through the Phoenix ToolBank you can rent portable dental equipment, including a NOMAD x-ray machine.

The Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation provides nearly $1M a year to nonprofit organizations to improve lives by promoting optimal oral health. That’s our mission. What that means on a day-to-day basis is Delta Dental provides funding to nonprofits for programs that provide oral screenings/exams, fluoride varnish treatments, and sealants to children and pregnant women. Mostly, these services are performed at nonprofit dental clinics, health centers, mobile units, schools, shelters and churches.

Often Delta Dental gets requests to fund dental equipment as many organizations look to hold oral health events, such as back-to-school or holiday events, to help those in need to get basic oral health care. These groups typically work with a dentist, a hygienist or other dental professional who donates their time to provide the dental services, but it’s another thing to borrow an expensive x-ray machine, dental chair, or overhead lights for just a day or two.

To help these organizations better serve the community, Delta Dental partnered with the Phoenix ToolBank, a community treasure that loans a whole manner of tools and equipment to nonprofit groups. If you don’t know about this incredible resource, check them out at Primarily, they lend construction tools like saws, shovels, wheelbarrows, extension cords, etc. to nonprofits organizing landscaping or cleanup crews, building playgrounds, and a whole manner of construction projects for very low rental fees – we’re talking pennies here!

The Phoenix ToolBank also lends dental equipment like a portable x-ray machines, dental chairs and exam lights. This equipment is available at truly reasonable prices that can be easily fit in an event budget.

If you’re looking to hold any type of event to improve the lives of Arizonans, you can add a dental component with a few pieces of equipment from the ToolBank and a volunteer dental professional. You may even be eligible for Delta Dental Smile Bags (toothbrushes, paste, floss) for the participants.  Check our dental supply donation program guidelines on our website to see if you qualify.

At Phoenix Toolbank, you can rent portable dental equipment

We hope to collaborate with you to improve oral health in your community. Call me at 602-588-3935 or the Phoenix ToolBank if you have any questions. We’d love to help you!

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