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The Perfect Mouthwash for a Minty Midnight Mouth

Are you ready to ring in the New Year with a smooch from your sweetie? Routine brushing and flossing are essential to a minty mouth. But if you’re looking for that extra pop of minty freshness, consider a mouthwash. There are dozens of mouthwashes on the market, all made to address different oral health conditions. […]

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Pucker Up: 6 Tips for Soft, Kissable Lips

Hoping to celebrate International Kissing Day by planting a sexy smooch on your partner? Follow our tips for a kissable mouth and your sweetie just may want to set the new record for locking lips: Banish bad breath. While it’s important to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day, brushing your […]

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Hookah Smoking: Oral Health Impacts

Dating back to the Safavid dynasty, hookah smoking has been a staple in Middle Eastern culture for over 500 years. In recent decades, hookah smoking has become more popular in the US, particularly among young adults. Flavored tobacco, hookah lounges and the belief that smoking out of the traditional Mediterranean water pipe is less damaging […]

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Smoking Linked to Poor Oral Health

“Kissing a person who smokes is like kissing an ashtray!” While this statement might be a hyperbole, it’s a sentiment many non-smokers share and it turns out, may be rooted in fact. More often than not, smokers tend to have poorer oral hygiene than their non-smoking counterparts. Smokers are usually more likely to require oral […]

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National Fresh Breath Day: Battle of the Breath Fresheners

You know that moment when you’re talking to someone and, while you can hear him/her speaking, all you can focus on is the unpleasant stench wafting through the air? Bad breath – aka halitosis – is a common oral hygiene condition in which one’s mouth emits an unpleasant odor. An estimated 80 million people suffer […]

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Don’t Let Bad Breath Make You an April Fool

Bad breath is no joke. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stop stinky breath before it starts. Here’s how you can avoid being an April Fool every day: Watch what you eat You probably already know that what you put in your mouth can give you foul breath long after the […]

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