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Mouthwash Burns

3 Reasons Your Mouthwash Burns (And What To Do About It)

We love the squeaky-clean feeling we get after swishing with a minty mouthwash. Mouthwashes and rinses can freshen breath and promote good oral health. But when they start to burn, it can be a cause for concern. There are two types of mouthwashes: Cosmetic mouthwashes and rinses can control bad breath and leave behind a […]

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3 Dental Products To Use During Pregnancy, PMS or Menopause

3 Dental Products To Use During Pregnancy, PMS or Menopause

Although some brands may market gender-specific products, like Colgate did with its Max White toothpaste, most dental products are unisex. However, the ingredients in some products may be more beneficial to women when their hormones are in flux. Here are 3 types of dental products to help you through each stage of womanhood: Toothpaste without […]

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How to Relieve Canker Sores

If you’ve ever had a small, white or gray sore with a red border inside your mouth, you know how painful canker sores can be. Less than one centimeter in diameter, these ulcers often affect the soft areas of the mouth, including the tongue, cheek and lips. Their specific cause is still unknown, but canker […]

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The Facts about Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection that most often occurs in infants, older adults and those with weakened immune systems. It’s caused by candida albicans, yeast that shows up as white patches in the mouth or throat. We naturally have candida in our mouths and it rarely presents a problem in healthy people. Sometimes due […]

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Open Wide: Oral Cancer Screening

Visiting your dentist twice a year does more than keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Once a year, you should ask your dentist to give you an oral cancer screening. This screening is vital to diagnosing cancer in the early stages, when survival rates are highest. Oral cancer screenings are routine for your dentist. They […]

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Oral Health Problems Associated with HIV and AIDS

For those who have HIV and AIDS, dental problems are common because their immune systems have trouble fighting off infections and disease. But it’s not all bad news. Many oral health problems can be successfully treated. If you are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, make sure to schedule a dentist appointment to discuss your personal […]

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Breast Cancer: Chemotherapy and Your Mouth

Chemotherapy is a common treatment option for breast cancer. While early treatment undoubtedly can help save your life, it is important to be aware of the effects it can have on your oral health too. What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment option. It is used to kill cancerous cells, but it also tends […]

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Are Your Prescription Drugs Harming Your Oral Health?

Have you used tetracycline to fight acne or an infection? How about Nexium for GERD? You may be among the millions of people who use medication to manage a disease or condition. Although every drug your doctor prescribes has been evaluated and approved by the FDA, it’s important to know that the prescription medications you […]

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You can’t take a vacation from dental emergencies but you can be prepared. when a dental disaster strikes far from home.

Don’t Let Dental Disasters Ruin Your Vacation

For many people, summer is a time to hop in the car for a road trip or book a flight to the nearest sandy beach. Unfortunately, you can’t take a vacation from dental emergencies but you can be prepared. Here’s what to do if dental disaster strikes when you’re far from home. The Emergency: A […]

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