5 Teething Milestones During Your Baby’s First Year [Infographic]

If you feel bleary eyed and exhausted, or if these days you’re popping more baby bottles than champagne bottles, congratulations…you’re a new mom! That hangover you’re likely feeling isn’t from dancing the night away (unless you count swaying back and forth to the smooth sounds of white noise and gentle ‘sssssshhuuushhhing’ as dancing). It’s from a lot of sleepless nights.

From first smiles to first words, the first year in your little one’s life is filled with amazing milestones and rapid changes–many of them oral health related. And many new parents wonder if every drip of drool, slight increase in temperature or fussier than usual baby means the first teeth are on their way. We created this handy infographic to break down the stages of teething and share some helpful hints to help you (and baby) make it through with as few tears as possible!

Infographic outlining baby teething symptoms and signs plus tips for parents

If you found this infographic helpful, bookmark it—or better yet, share it with another new mom in your life!

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