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Jessica Arnold is the social media and content specialist at Delta Dental of Arizona. She has a background in digital marketing and really appreciates how social media platforms can connect consumers and companies in a more meaningful way. She’s a true native Phoenician who loves spending time outside (when it’s not so hot!) with her daughter and husband. She's passionate about good overall health and is excited to have found her way into a company that enables wellness in Arizona. Her favorite social network is Reddit, where she can take a deep dive into very random topics (including oral health). With a toddler at home she’s slowly learning more about children’s oral health and how to get them to brush their little chompers—a daily battle, but well worth it! [Editor's Note: Jessica is no longer a current DDAZ employee.]

Recent blog posts written by Jessica Arnold

Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Daniel J. Lyu

Say hello to Dr. Daniel J. Lyu of Cereus Dental Care in Tempe, Arizona! Dr. Lyu focuses on providing comprehensive care to his patients but is passionate about keeping up with the latest developments in dentistry and has focused his continuing education on implantology and esthetics dental restorations.  Dr. Lyu earned his Doctor of Dental […]

CEO Serve at St. Vincent de Paul

On Aug. 3, more than 30 Delta Dental of Arizona employees came together to support the critical work of St. Vincent de Paul. Throughout the day, volunteers prepared and served 237 meals to St. Vincent de Paul clients, and the team also handed out fresh to-go food bags they assembled. Dentists from the Delta Dental […]

What To Do About a Loose Baby Tooth?

Remember that old iconic image of a loose tooth being pulled by a string tied to a doorknob? Slam! Problem solved. Fortunately, there’s a much easier and gentler way to help children when they have a loose baby tooth.  Why baby teeth loosen and fall out Children generally loose their baby teeth between the ages […]

woman applying toothpaste to her toothbrush

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Toothbrush

When shopping for toothbrushes, do you put much thought into what’s best for your children? Here’s why you should: Your toothbrush can be a major factor in helping you brush more effectively and making your oral hygiene routine more pleasant.  Follow these four steps to choose the right toothbrush. Decide between a manual or powered […]

‘Smile’ by Raina Telgemeier Helps a 5th Grader Through a Dental Emergency

When we think about taking care of our smiles, the first thing that comes to mind is brushing and flossing. Keeping up a good oral hygiene routine at home is the first step to a healthy smile. But there’s another step to having a healthy smile that sometimes gets forgotten—smile safety. Our teeth and mouths […]

Sugar Damages Teeth, Let’s Not Sugarcoat It

You’ve probably heard sugar damages your teeth since you were a young child. But do you know why? Learn more and see how easy it can be to cut down on your sugar consumption and limit its effects on your teeth. What sugar does to your teeth As much as you might like sugar, the […]

Dr. Kent Tuttle of Kent Dental

Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Kent Tuttle

Say hello to Dr. Kent Tuttle of Kent Dental in Scottsdale, Arizona! Dr. Tuttle specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and his practice also offers services for TMJ, sleep apnea, oral surgery, laser dentistry, clear aligners and sedation dentistry.  Dr. Tuttle believes in the power of building a relationship with his patients because every patient […]

Man on one knee in the park brushing hair out of his face and wearing headphones.

Oral Health Is About More Than Your Mouth

Making your oral health a priority can safeguard your overall health and well-being. That’s because many oral diseases can influence health conditions outside the mouth and vice versa. The relationship between your mouth and the rest of your body is called the ‘mouth-body connection.’ Here’s why it’s so important for your overall health to maintain […]

oven roasted beet fries

Mouth-Healthy Recipe: Savory Roasted Beet Fries

Replace those same old French fries with beet fries. You’ll not only consume fewer cavity-causing carbs but you’ll also enjoy a hearty, sweet, surprisingly delicious comfort food.  Even kids will love this fun, healthy way to add a superfood to your family’s diet. And you’ll love what beets do for your smile because they can […]

Mouth-Healthy Cookbook for Total & Oral Health

When we think about eating our favorite foods, we smile. The familiar flavors of a family recipe or the yummy ingredients at our favorite restaurants make us feel happy. That’s because the foods we eat are deeply tied to our memories, our culture and they’re important to nourishing our bodies and supporting oral and overall […]

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