The Power Of Giving: Why Philanthropy Matters

Delta Dental of Arizona employee helping sort food at a local food kitchen.

Philanthropy is more than the act of giving to a worthy cause. There is so much power in giving—to both the receiver and the giver.

I often think back to the adage, “Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.” The impact we can make by collectively helping a cause is immeasurable. Whether volunteering, donating funds, helping coordinate an event, getting people to attend an event or even simply promoting an organization on social media—it all matters!

Size of the contribution is individual, but big or small, the act of giving makes an impact.  Here are three reasons why philanthropy matters:

Transforms Lives

Philanthropy will change lives by providing the needed resources to thrive, such as food or clean water, preparing for a brighter future through education or by creating an environment that is safe and healthy. Whatever the cause, lives will be transformed.

However, as a giver, you will also find that you are changed for the better by shifting your focus to others and seeing clearly how your support is making a difference. Actions like these can inspire others to do good and give back, allowing philanthropy to grow.

Strengthens Communities

I have seen firsthand that philanthropy strengthens communities. When a community has the resources it needs, like access to healthcare, nutritious food and education, it will thrive and prosper. Communities are stronger when they work together and foster a culture of collaboration, giving and hope.

A Culture of Compassion

Philanthropy can encourage individuals and communities to prioritize the well-being of others. It supports empathy, generosity and a sense of social responsibility. You probably notice this in your own communities! Leaders in your communities are inspiring action and demonstrating the value of being kind and generous through the acts of volunteering or giving. As others participate and give, a culture of compassion develops.

Take Action

The opportunity to give back is never out of reach. Think of a group of people that you have empathy for – seniors, foster children, people with medical diagnoses dear to your heart, children needing help in school, unhoused individuals, families facing food insecurity—or any other group that connects with you personally. Nearly every nonprofit organization is looking for volunteers. You can get involved in grassroots programming or start a collection for school supplies. Simply ask how you can help! Your passion fuels passion for the cause.

The Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation gives back to the communities in Arizona by supporting programs and organizations that work to improve the health and well-being of underserved and uninsured Arizonans. We always welcome individual drops of water to join us in making our ocean! Learn more at or donate today!

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