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Ashlee Hackney serves as the fundraising associate for Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation. Prior to working for the Foundation, Ashlee worked as a community relations coordinator at a dental office in Texas, where she learned how important oral health is to overall health. After noticing the oral health disparities in low-income families, she decided that she wanted to continue to work in the oral health industry and educate those on the importance of good oral hygiene. Ashlee is wild about satin floss and wishes they made it in strawberry shortcake and blueberry flavors. In her spare time, she enjoys pampering her dogs, African drum dancing and horseback riding. [Editor's Note: Ashley is no longer a current DDAZ employee.]

Recent blog posts written by Ashlee Hackney

7 Nutrients Your Mouth Craves

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the connection between oral health and overall health. With that in mind, it is important to remember that in the same way our body depends on vitamins and minerals to support our health, our mouth also requires certain nutrients to keep it healthy. Here are 7 nutrients that […]

Mouth Healthy Recipe: Chicken Waldorf Salad

This chicken salad recipe is easy to make with leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken. If you use rotisserie chicken, keep in mind that it’s salty and omit the salt in the dressing. Ingredients 1/3 cup mayo 1/3 cup plain yogurt 2 tsp lemon juice ¼ tsp salt 3 cups chopped cooked chicken breast 1 medium […]

Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

Mouth Healthy Recipe: Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

Broccoli is good for your heart and eye health, balances hormones and supports the immune system. Try this parmesan roasted broccoli recipe.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

5 Ways to Green Your Dental Routine for Earth Day & Every Day

As Earth Day approaches, we are reminded of the importance of being environmentally friendly. Things like cleaning up after you visit a park or taking public transit from time to time can go a long way in keeping our planet healthy. And there are also a few things you can do along the way to […]

Quit smoking this National Kick Butts Day!

Bust Your Bad Habit: Quit Smoking on National Kick Butts Day

If you are a smoker, take out one of your cigarettes and break it in half. You just saved 11 minutes of your life. Now, take that whole pack and throw it in the trash. Guess how many minutes of your life you just saved? 220! Can you believe that? It’s almost like magic. You […]

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