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Retiring from the US Air Force after 21 years of service, Mary Loveless started her career with Delta Dental of Arizona in 1998 as a customer service representative and was promoted to director of claims and customer service in 2004. In this role, her responsibilities include monitoring call center and claims processing activities with the support of 22 claims and customer service associates, quality improvement measures, workload distribution, performance service levels and ensuring performance guarantees are met. She enjoys a daily dose of cardiovascular activities, especially yoga, pilates, jogging, strength training and hiking. Did we mention she also has a huge shoe inventory? [Editor's Note: Mary retired from DDAZ in 2015.]

Recent blog posts written by Mary Loveless

Using Dental Benefits Out of State: A Go-To Guide

Whether your out-of-state kid in college has a toothache or you knocked out a tooth during the annual Turkey Bowl at grandma’s, Delta Dental of Arizona has you covered. Most of our dental plans allow you to visit a dentist anywhere in the U.S. and receive the same benefits you would receive at home. Although […]

Car mechanic looking under the hood of a car.

Dental Pre-Treatment Estimates: What Are They & When To Get Them

If you’ve ever had car troubles, you’re familiar with the concept of an auto repair estimate. The mechanic runs a few diagnostic tests and inspects the vehicles for performance issues and hands you a paper that lists the recommended repairs and their associated costs. Occasionally, the repairs may cost a little more (or even a […]

Understanding Your Dental Plan: Benefit Categories and Coverages

Comparing coverage between dental insurance plans? Trying to make sense of the dental benefits summary your employer gave you during open enrollment? We can help! In addition to the annual maximum and deductible, you’ll want to review the covered services.  Many dental plans offer three classes or categories of covered services, often with different reimbursement […]

Top 10 Reasons Dental Claims Are Delayed

The Problem: Incomplete, inaccurate, unreadable or outdated forms The Solution: Use the most recent version of claim forms. To ensure you’re using the current version, download a claim form in the Dentist Connection. When filling out the form, double-check that all fields are completed and accurate. If you need to make comments, questions or notes, […]

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