3 Ways to Encourage Employees to Use Their Dental and Vision Benefits

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Insured employees are more likely to receive preventive care. And if they keep their appointments, they’re more likely to be healthier overall.

As a group administrator, you’re the go-to for all things dental and vision benefits. Here’s how to take an active role: 

  1. Teach them why benefits matter. Medical conditions can be unpredictable. However, preventive dental and vision care can minimize their impact. More than 90 percent of systemic diseases – like cancer and diabetes – can be detected at a dental appointment. Eye doctors are also well-known for spotting conditions like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes before other health care professionals. Support employee wellness by encouraging preventive care including regular appointments with an in-network dental or vision provider. You can also share with them our dental risk assessment tool. It evaluates a person’s risk for oral disease, on an individualized basis.
  2. Show them how benefits save. When prevention is the name of the benefits game, regular checkups trump costly treatments down the road. Illustrate cost advantages of seeking care from an in-network provider. Our Dental Care Cost Estimator can also help employees plan for their next oral health procedure. Additionally, your employees will save 40% on additional pairs of glasses or prescription sunglasses with an in-network vision provider.
  3. Tell them about benefit add-ons. Incentives and discount programs are oftentimes glossed over during benefits orientation. Employees forget about the extras. Promote discount programs you’ve opted into, like CheckUp Plus™, Third Cleaning Benefit, or One and Sun™ – which provides a free pair of designer sunglasses to employees after their annual preventive eye exam!

Want to learn more about supporting your employees use of dental and vision benefits? Discover 5 Ways to Maximize Your Employee Benefits for Better Health!

Editors Note: This post was originally published September 2016. The content was revised and updated September 2023.

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