Mouth Healthy Recipe: Fruit Bouquet

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a fresh bouquet – and this one is as tasty as it is beautiful. Whether you’re making this arrangement for a special mom or just for fun, it’s sure to be a hit.

One head of lettuce
One seedless watermelon
One cantaloupe
One honeydew melon
One pineapple
One bag red seedless grapes
One 1-lb carton of strawberries
One 6” floral foam ball
Bamboo skewers

Cover the floral foam in lettuce leaves, then poke your desired number of skewers through the lettuce and into the foam. The more skewers you use, the fuller your arrangement will be. Cut the melon and pineapple into 1” thick slices, then use cookie cutters to cut flower or heart shapes from the slices and slide them onto the skewers. Make flower “centers” by using a melon baller or smaller cookie cutters. Attach your centers to the flowers using toothpicks. Slide strawberries and grapes onto shorter skewers to fill out your fruit bouquet. Refrigerate your handiwork until you’re ready to eat it.

Recipe courtesy of All Recipes.

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