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Delta Dental of Arizona is more than an insurance company; we’re also your resource for oral health tips, smile-friendly recipes, dental benefit basics, local Arizona events and so much more! We don’t want you to miss any of the fun, so here is a step-by-step guide to subscribing to our blog:

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Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Mouth. Period.

Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Mouth. Period.

Essays and Instagram need more, but you could definitely pass on periods. There’s more to these monthly monsters than cramps and cravings—your smile can suffer too. From your first period to your last, here’s what menstrual cycles mean for your mouth: Puberty If your tween is about to start—as Cher from Clueless put it—“surfing the […]

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Expired Dental Items: Stash or Trash?

Expired Dental Items: Stash or Trash?

Except for medications, the FDA doesn’t require products to have expiration dates. It’s up to the manufacturer to decide. Floss and mouthwash past-due dates are more of a gray area than say, sour cream. But do you stash or trash expired dental items? This may make your decision easier: Toothpaste Safe but not strong When […]

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If you’re not a fan of traditional flossing, try one of the alternative methods.

2 Alternatives to Traditional Dental Floss

Floss is in the news—but not in the way we hoped. A recent AP article slammed string, claiming the evidence to support flossing to prevent gum disease is “weak and unreliable.” Many dental professionals partially agree: they think flossing is an affordable and easy way to remove plaque, a major cause of both tooth decay and […]

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Tips to Make Your Small Space Work

Tiny houses. Apartments. Vacation vehicles. Whether you’re renting, residing or traveling in reduced-size real estate, maximizing small spaces has become quite the trend. But with shrunken square footage, odds are you only have one bathroom. When you can’t expand your space, you need to expand your ideas and be creative. These six hacks will maximize […]

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5 Foods that Naturally Whiten and Brighten Teeth

Did you know that certain foods naturally cleanse, brighten and defend your mouth against bacteria that can harm your teeth and gums? There are two key factors you should keep in mind when it comes to a white teeth diet: chewing and saliva production. Choose foods that actively work to clean and protect your teeth […]

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Keep Your Mouth Clean This Spring

Doing some spring cleaning this month? While you’re busy beating rugs, cleaning curtains and organizing cabinets, don’t forget to check your bathroom counter! Here are four things to add to your checklist. Replace old or worn toothbrushes. If your toothbrush or toothbrush head is more than three months old, it’s time to get a new […]

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Mouth Madness: 3 Tips for Improving Your Oral Health Game

It’s that time of year again when the whole country goes a little mad – mad for basketball tournament brackets, obscure college mascots and Cinderella stories. When you’re not busy updating your wins and losses this month, take a few moments to consider how you can improve your oral health game. Sport a mouthguard. Whether […]

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Keeping a Clean Toothbrush Routine [infographic]

As many as 10 million microbes can live on your toothbrush at a time. Because one of the main purposes of a toothbrush is to remove bacteria from your mouth, it’s important to know how to keep a clean toothbrush routine:

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Got Dental Insurance? Use Your Preventive Benefits

When it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, preventive dental care is key. Brushing and flossing help to remove plaque from teeth and a healthy diet keeps your whole body—including your teeth and gums—in good shape. But it’s the routine dental exams and regular cleanings that help to reduce the likelihood you’ll […]

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