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Post Copy: Election coverage got you down? Turn that frown into a huuuuuuge smile:

3 Ways to Smile Through Election Season

Don’t let election coverage overwhelm you! Here are three tips to help you keep a smile on your face throughout election season. Avoiding the political frenzy that comes with presidential election season is nearly impossible. From campaign ads to the overflowing opinions on social media, it’s pretty hard to get a break from it all. […]

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Tooth Grinding & How to Stop It

There’s nothing worse than waking up feeling more tired that when you went to sleep the night before. Waking up with a headache is even worse. Headaches are the “number one pain problem” in the U.S. and affect approximately 40% of individuals, according to the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP). Many tension headaches can […]

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Bad Habit to Beat: Nail Biting

Nail biting may seem like an innocent habit, but this oral behavior is considered “pathological grooming” and often grouped with other habits like hair pulling and skin-picking. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association was even considering classifying severe nail biting as a mental disorder. Not only can nail biting affect your daily life, it can […]

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Stress can take a toll on your mouth.

When Stress Takes a Bite Out of Your Oral Health

You already know that stress can be physically harmful. It can raise blood pressure and cause severe headaches, among other things. What’s often overlooked is that stress can also take a toll on your mouth. If you’re feeling the pressure lately, pay extra attention to your oral health. Here are some things to look for: […]

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