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Five Reasons to Floss Your Teeth Daily

If you’re like most people I talk to, your flossing regimen consists of flossing the night before and the day of your dentist appointment. Your palms might even get a bit sweaty and you might try to avert your eyes when the dentist asks how often you floss. Since you’re a thorough brusher, you say, […]

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Understanding Your Dental Plan: Benefit Categories and Coverages

Comparing coverage between dental insurance plans? Trying to make sense of the dental benefits summary your employer gave you during open enrollment? We can help! In addition to the annual maximum and deductible, you’ll want to review the covered services.  Many dental plans offer three classes or categories of covered services, often with different reimbursement […]

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4 Ways to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

Here at Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy’s a bit of a celebrity. We get pretty excited when National Tooth Fairy Day nears because we get to celebrate our favorite tooth-collector. Looking for a way to honor this fabulous fairy? Here are 4 fun ways to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day with your kids: Gather the […]

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Wear a Mouthguard in Sports with a Bat, Ball or Stick

Did you know that baseball and basketball have the highest incidence of sports-related dental injuries in children ages 7-17 than any other sport? Wondering why? Mouthguards are not required for participation in these sports, even though the National Federation of State High School Association’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee recommends that athletes should wear a mouthguard […]

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3 AZ Dental Professionals Honored at Annual Health Care Heroes Awards

Anne Frank said it best, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” We will celebrate those people that have improved the health of our world on August 21 at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess when the Phoenix Business Journal honors the unsung heroes at the 2014 […]

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Poor Oral Health Remains Major Problem Among American Indian Tribes

The Navajo Nation is the largest tribal group, and indeed, the largest reservation by land mass in the United States at 25,000 square miles. The reservation occupies the historic “Four Corners” region where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah all meet. This vast land is challenged with many obstacles and disparities. One […]

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Sink Your Teeth into Shark Week

Cue the Jaws music because Shark Week is well underway! Sharks are the ocean’s top predators, thanks in most part to their enormous and powerful chompers. It’s obvious that shark’s teeth are different from our teeth…but just how different? These unbelievable shark teeth facts will give you something to chew on. Sharks are born with […]

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Choosing the Right Dental Plan for Employees

Wading through dental plan options for your company can be overwhelming, but you can always follow this link to find software that will help free up time for important tasks like these. Employees will appreciate the added benefits of a dental plan; it’s another way to motivate them, just like throwing promotional events. If you […]

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Hand holding a glass under a kitchen tap with tap water pouring into the glass.

4 Reasons to Drink Tap Water When You’re Feeling Thirsty

While it’s perfectly fine to indulge in the occasional soda or wrap up an hour-long workout with your favorite sports drink, drinking water is usually the best way to replenish lost fluids. And just like with your houseplant, tap water reigns superior. Here are 4 reasons why:

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