Get Ready to Rock and Enroll: 5 Ways to Prepare for Open Enrollment

choosing dental insurance

Read on for help when choosing dental insurance, renewing coverage or signing up for the first time.

Open enrollment: It’s the term buzzing around your HR department this time of year. But what does it mean? And how does it affect you as an employee? We break down all the questions you should be asking. Read on for help when choosing dental insurance, renewing coverage or signing up for the first time:

Open enrollment provides the opportunity to change dental benefits for the upcoming year (or new benefits, if you’re enrolling for the first time).

Now is the time to consider your current coverage. Has your financial situation, personal needs, or dependents’ situation changed?

To prepare, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself this open enrollment period:

1. What’s included in my current coverage?

Re-visit your current coverage. Your plan should cover the appropriate number of times you see your dentist in a year. This is typically once every six months. If your current plan didn’t work for your budget the previous year, keep that in mind when choosing a new plan. You’ll also want to research employer-sponsored benefits or allocations.

2. What kind of dental coverage will I need for the upcoming year?

A lot can change in a year, and you’ll need to consider what the future may hold. Treatments such as braces and wisdom teeth removal may require special coverage. Talk to your dentist to figure out what you need to prepare for. Consider coverage specifics if you have a health condition that requires more dental attention.

3. Will my current dental plan change?

This is a key detail to get from your employer and/or benefit provider. Your current plan may not be offered in the upcoming year. Ensure that there are no coverage surprises come January 1st.

4. What other options is my employer providing?

Assess additional plan options and determine if and how they’ll better meet your needs.

5. Will my dentist still be in-network if my plan changes?

If you have a regular dentist you like, check if they’ll still be in-network. Remember — It’s usually more cost effective to see an in-network provider. If they’re not, determine if you’re open to finding a new provider.

Still have questions about open enrollment? Don’t hesitate to speak with your employer or HR department. You can also ask your question(s) below.

Now that you are covered, learn about your dental benefits:


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