5 Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Arizona Heat

Man drinking water in the sun.

From May to October, Arizonans deal with sweltering, triple-digit temperatures. Drinking water is a great way to beat the heat, avoid bad breath and keep our eyes from getting dry and irritated. In fact, staying hydrated is vitally important to our oral health, vision health and overall health.

But just how much water do we need to stay hydrated? The Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) recommends drinking at least 2 liters of water each day, even if you are mostly indoors. Depending on how much time you spend outside or your activity level, you might need to drink even more water to stay hydrated.

Tips for staying hydrated

Up to 60% of our bodies are made of water. We lose water constantly through our skin, urine, waste and sweat—even when we breathe. But drinking enough water to replace what we’ve lost and stay hydrated can be hard! With our busy schedules and so many less healthy drinks available, it can be easy to forget to drink water. Here are 5 simple ways you can increase your water intake today to stay hydrated:

1. Always Carry a Water Bottle

One simple way to stay hydrated is to always have a water bottle with you. Whether you’re running errands, going to the gym or simply hanging out at home, carrying a water bottle everywhere you go can help you remember to take sips during the day. So grab your favorite Stanley, Yeti or custom water bottle from the local boutique and get sipping! Plus, you can decorate it with cute stickers that’ll have you thinking, “Sip, sip, hooray!”

2. Set Reminders

Ever been so in-the-zone that you forget to eat or drink? Set an hourly reminder on your phone to make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day. You could also download a hydration app on your phone or mobile device. This simple change can help you get into the habit of sipping water during the day.

3. Add Flavor to Your Water

If you don’t like the flavor of water, you’re not alone! There are healthy ways to change the flavor of your water. You can add fruits like lemon, lime, strawberries or oranges to your water. Mint, cucumber or other fresh herbs will also help add flavor. Try different combinations to find your favorite water recipe and make staying hydrated more enjoyable. You can buy flavor enhancers for water at the grocery store, but many of these flavor packets and drops have a high sugar content—and too much sugar can harm your teeth.

4. Eat Water-rich Foods

Drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated! We get about 20% of our daily water intake through the food we eat. When you want to snack, opt for water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries or oranges. These foods will help you stay hydrated and provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber your body needs. We recommend trying this delicious and healthy watermelon slushie recipe if you get a chance.

5. Make it a Competition

Ask a friend or family member to have a competition with you to stay hydrated! Set a goal for how much water you want to drink in one day and bring someone along for the challenge. Encourage each other to meet the goal and find fun ways to celebrate.

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