Examining Oral Health and Wellness in Arizona

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9 out of 10 of people who live in Arizona think that their oral health (taking care of their mouth, teeth and gums) is really important for their overall health. This idea is motivating them to make sure they brush and floss their teeth at home regularly and visit their dentist for checkups to prevent dental problems.

The Examining Oral Health and Wellness in Arizona 2023 report is a state-wide look into Arizonans behaviors and opinions relating to oral health. Delta Dental of Arizona requested the research, which included 300 Arizonans ages 18+ and 300 Arizona parents of children 12 and under. Here are 3 key findings from the report:

Protecting Overall Health

Arizonans are interested in protecting their overall health.

85% of Gen Z and 93% of Millennials, Gen X and Boomers stated that taking action to protect their mouth, teeth and gums enables them to live a healthier lifestyle. And all generations of Arizonans agree (93%) that their oral health is closely connected to their overall health. They even have the same opinion that addressing oral health issues can save them money in the long run.

Practicing Health Habits

To put their interests into action, Arizonans keep up with their brushing, mouthwash and flossing habits at home.

  • 77% brush their teeth twice a day
  • 74% use mouthwash once a day
  • 80% floss once a day

Boomers+ are 6% more likely than younger generations to brush their teeth to maintain or improve their overall health. But all agreed that preventing dental issues and tooth decay were reasons to brush their teeth.

Embracing Dental Benefits

The results are clear – Arizonans believe that dental insurance is very important. Most (91%) believe that having coverage affords them good oral health. They also stated that having dental insurance gives them peace of mind (88%) and allows them to lead a healthier lifestyle (88%).

Adults and children with dental benefits are more likely to visit the dentist than those without coverage. Plus, 8 out of 10 (85%) stated that their dental insurance plan helps them save money over time!

The Outlook

The oral health outlook will continue to improve as adults and children in Arizona keep taking care of their mouth, teeth and gums. Additionally, access to dental insurance will help support their healthy habits and lead to better overall health.

Interested in learning more? Download the full report!

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