Advice To Help Employees Maximize Their Benefits

Female HR personnel is speaking to a table of employees including a female and two males.

Navigating the complexities of employee benefits can be daunting, especially for those outside of human resources who are less fluent in the industry jargon. So how do employers make this easier? We’ve gathered insights from top professionals on their best practices for helping employees maximize their benefits.

Consult HR on Benefit Plans

Webinars don’t work for everyone, so I encourage employees to reach out to HR directly if they need help understanding what our plans offer. I also advise them to schedule their free annual appointments at the beginning of the year. So many illnesses can be caught early with preventive care, like getting your teeth cleaned twice a year, having your eyes checked and getting your annual wellness exam.

Alexandra Kastanis, Senior HR Business Partner, Delta Dental of Arizona

Regularly Review Your Benefits

As an entrepreneur, one piece of advice I give to my employees is to check their benefits regularly. Things change, and their needs might change too. By monitoring what’s offered, they can make sure they’re getting the most out of their benefits.

I also encourage them to check that our plans match up with what they really want and need, and if not, to reach out to us so we know. This way, we can keep things up-to-date and make sure everyone’s happy with what they’re getting.

Johannes Larsson, Founder and CEO,

Educate and Empower Employees

Empower your people through education and easy access. Provide self-serve tech, webinars, guides—anything allowing employees to deeply understand coverages available from day one.

Encourage exploratory questions without judgment as coverage depths increase over tenure. Cheer on folks pursuing professional development benefits that enrich skills. Ensure seamless digital integration connecting available perks to individual usage scenarios. Recognize and celebrate people unlocking benefits that support personal and family goals at work, home, and financially.

The more your team personally connects opportunities to their evolving needs, the more they extract value from that compensation. Let benefits empowerment become ingrained in company culture and watch fulfillment soar! With robust platforms illuminating possibilities tied tightly to individual growth, benefits become rocket fuel rather than abstract budget lines.

Lou Reverchuk, Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal

Treat Benefits Like a Marketing Campaign

As a marketing leader, my key advice for employees to maximize their benefits is to treat them like a marketing campaign: know your audience, which in this case, is you! I encourage a “Benefits Deep-Dive Session” where each employee, guided by HR or the team leader, becomes an investigator into their own benefits package.

We also create “Benefits Cheat Sheets”—simple, engaging infographics that summarize and highlight key aspects of our benefits, making them more accessible and less daunting. The goal is to empower our team to make informed decisions, ensuring they fully leverage the benefits available to them.

When we implemented this approach, not only did employee satisfaction with benefits increase, but we also saw a surge in utilization of lesser-known perks, illustrating that a little guidance and clarity can go a long way in maximizing benefits.

Aimie Ye, Director of Content Marketing, Centime

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